Georgia Association of Convenience Stores


GACS History

Convenience store operators united together in 1973 to form The Georgia Association of Convenience Stores, Inc. (GACS). Sunday Blue Laws convinced operators and owners across the state to create a much stronger united voice at the State Capitol. Today, this is still the primary reason for GACS to exist. GACS Staff monitors legislation daily during the Georgia General Assembly (January-April) and reports changes to the membership on a regular basis. As a cohesive force, GACS has successfully fought many legislative battles.

GACS Vision Statement

Collectively, GACS is the respected leader of the Georgia convenience store industry, trusted to proactively and collaboratively advance our businesses in service to the consumer and our communities.

GACS Mission Statement

GACS members advance the success of the convenience store industry through political engagement, knowledge circulation, and relevant services.

"GACS has provided our family at Bagwell & Spears, Inc. invaluable industry relationships for 30 years. The membership base and the experts involved have helped us make the right strategic decisions to keep our family business relevant."
Grant Schmeelk, Bagwell & Spears, Inc.

GACS Governance

The Georgia Association of Convenience Stores is governed by an elected Board of Directors representing the convenience store industry from thoughout the state of Georgia.

As well as a retail board of directors, GACS also has a strong group of suppliers that form the Supplier Committee, who works hard to ensure that all supplier members reap a high return on their membership and events investments.

GACS Strategic Planning

In November 2016, GACS Board of Directors met for a strategic planning session. They also invested in a group of young professionals to meet in January 2017 to provide their input in the plan. The outcomes of this stratgic plan include:

OUTCOME 1: GACS has a communication strategy and the related technology to keep members apprised of all relevant information.

OUTCOME 2: GACS members have standards & brand recognition that differentiate them in the marketplace.

OUTCOME 3: GACS addresses legislation and regulation proactively.