Georgia Association of Convenience Stores

Announcing HealthiestYou GACS Member Benefit Program

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“HealthiestYou is a high-quality virtual care solution designed to connect individuals to physicians and providers through a single access point covering a wide range of daily and chronic clinical needs.  At its core, HealthiestYou provides unlimited access to general medical physicians to address commons conditions such as colds, flu, sinus infections, etc. at a $0 visit fee.  Members will also have unlimited access at a $0 visit fee to psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed counselors, dermatologists, neck/back care health coaches, registered dietitians, and medical experts for physician led second opinions.   


HealthiestYou covers the entire family (primary employee plus household dependents) and can be accessed through a mobile application, online member portal, or 800 number.  Those using the mobile application will also have access to prescription pricing discounts, procedure transparency tools, insurance syncing, and the ability to look up in-network providers when in person care is needed. HealthiestYou can be your virtual front door to address any medical uncertainty that arises to ensure you’re receiving quality clinical care in an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective fashion.”

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